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Washington DC

September 15, 2017

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Contrary Con Amy King & Rachel Orr

Amy King & Rachel Orr

The Lily is hip, but not painfully so. The Lily will talk with you in sentences and beautiful images, not memes. It is reasonable, not ridiculous. Useful, not nonsensical. Respectful, not patronizing. The Lily is for the curious.

Launched in June 2017, The Lily is an online publication from The Washington Post. It is named after the first U.S. newspaper made by women, which advocated to end slavery, and for a woman’s right to vote, own property and wear pants. The Lily of 2017 provides an important space where critical issues relevant to women are being raised. Its mission is to empower with information and promote inclusivity by exposing diverse perspectives.

Editor in Chief and Creative Director Amy King and Art Director Rachel Orr will speak about why and how The Lily exists, why they only use two emoji and why they didn’t smile in their staff portrait.

Amy King is the editor in chief and creative director of The Lily, and design director for Emerging News Products at The Washington Post. Amy proposed and developed the editorial and creative mission of — a product aimed at millennial women that lives exclusively on distributed platforms. In her Emerging News Products role, she has helped to launch The Post’s national product suite, Snapchat Discover channel, Apple News and several other initiatives with industry-leading distributed platforms. Amy came to The Post in 2013 as an art director for the Arts & Style section.

Rachel Orr is an art director for The Lily and the Emerging News Products team at The Washington Post. In Rachel’s four years at The Washington Post, she has worked as a print designer for Express — a free daily tabloid paper — and as a digital designer for The Emerging News Products team, where she has been a design lead on Facebook instant articles, podcast branding and special projects for distributed platforms. She previously worked in print and digital journalism at The Arizona Republic after graduating with a degree in visual communication from Ohio University.